Cheryl Cole collapses at a photo shoot

Cheryl Cole collapsed at a photo shoot on Saturday (03.07.10).

The ‘Fight for This Love’ singer passed out while on a shoot for her new album, prompting her management to act on doctors’ advice and force the brunette beauty to pull out of Simon Cowell’s British pop star search show ‘The X Factor’ ‘ on which she is a judge – until further notice.

After arriving at the north London studio looking ‘gaunt’ and ‘washed-out’, the 27-year-old pop star ‘ who is currently divorcing her cheating husband, soccer player Ashley Cole ‘ collapsed unconscious just minutes after the shoot began.

Cheryl was diagnosed with severe exhaustion by a doctor, and tests revealed she was also suffering from a gastroenteritis bug.

A close friend of Cheryl told The Sun newspaper: ‘She should never have gone to the studio. She insisted she was fine, even though she clearly wasn’t. Her skin was pale and her lips had no colour. She’s run down and tired. That’s why she ended up with the stomach virus.

‘Eventually she just keeled over. It was horrible. She was only out for a few seconds but it was enough to give everyone, including Cheryl, a massive scare.

‘t was a real shock to see her looking so ill. She looks terrible.’

The pop star ‘ whose second album is due for release in October ‘ is said to have dedicated herself to her career in the wake of her split from Ashley.

The friend explained: ‘Since splitting from Ashley, Cheryl has been throwing herself into work. She has been completely dedicated to ‘X Factor’, her album, recording sessions and touring ‘ to an extent that it has started to affect her health.

‘There’s only so long someone can do 18 hours every day without burning out. She has worked relentlessly for the past 18 months. Something had to give.’

Cheryl is now expected to take a minimum of seven days out from her busy schedule, before gradually returning to work.


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