Jewel Goes Undercover To Sing In A Karaoke Bar

Video website Funny or Die recently teamed up with Alaskan singer/songwriter Jewel to prank the audience of a Santa Monica karaoke bar. Jewel was given a plain-Jane makeover as office worker Karen, and joined onstage by 5 actors posing as work colleagues.

Obviously, ‘Karen’ eventually does a Susan Boyle by pulling of two impressive renditions of signature Jewel songs ‘Who Will Save Your Soul‘ and ‘Foolish Game.‘

The video was posted Tuesday and was rapidly circulating online, with more than 160,000 views as of evening.

“I was a bit nervous to do this skit at first because I feared it would amount to little more than showing off some vocals, dressed as someone else,” Jewel said in an e-mail. “I was worried it wouldn’t be self-effacing enough.”

For the video, created by Funny or Die writer-director Eric Appel, Jewel was given a prosthetic nose, wig and glasses, and butt padding. Only after performing as Karen did Jewel return to the stage of the karaoke joint, the Gas Lite, as herself.

Watch for yourself to see what happens when the real Jewel makes an appearance! Pretty entertaining stuff!



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