Janet Jackson Wants To Work With Lady Gaga

Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga

Everyone wants to work with Gaga now that she’s topped every chart around the globe. The latest celebrity to speak up is Janet Jackson.

“What I love about GaGa is her story, where she came from. Before she made it, before anyone knew who she was, I knew who she was and, to see her finally make it, I was so happy. If we were to work together that would be cool.”

So Janet knew Gaga before she was Gaga…that’s a story I’d like to hear. How did she know who she was?

This isn’t the first time Janet’s gotten press for speaking out about Gaga. Remember when she said “She [Gaga] works so hard and I told her I think she needs to slow down just a little bit, take some time out for herself.” Looks like Janet wouldn’t mind adding to Gaga’s work load now that she’s trying to keep herself in the spotlight.


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