Music Alert: Katie Tuck

Now that Taylor Swift is all grown up, it’s time to crown a new princess in country pop music and we’d like to nominate Katie Tuck.

Katie is making quite a name for herself with her debut effort “I Wanna Be That Girl”. Her voice is undeniably rich and powerful. She’s caught the attention of some of country music’s elite and has already recorded in the famous “Sound Kitchen” in Nashville, TN.

Check out Katie’s video for “I Wanna Be That Girl” –

For more info on Katie, check out and


8 Responses to “Music Alert: Katie Tuck”

  1. This young lady is amazing! She is beautiful and sooo talented!

  2. ryan(the zero's guy) Says:

    And the crown goes to.?????????????
    Katie tuck!
    this young girl deserves anything and eveything.
    she puts so much effort in giving it her best and in reality she dosent even need to try.
    with a perfect voice who really has to complain?

  3. Absolutely Incredible!

  4. Fantastic!

  5. Katie..You are awesome!

  6. Katie is talent wrapped in a genuine heart and rocks whatever song she puts her mind to! She also auditioned and won the coveted spot to debut an upcoming song for It’s Your Drama—a multi-media book series for teen girls. Her recording is absolutely breathtaking…can’t wait for it to hit the stands! Katie’s one in a million; the sky’s the limit.

  7. Katie. I have watched several of your video’s and seen you in person perform and I think you are absolutely fantastic!!!!

  8. Katie is a very talented, very geniune and confident young lady. I had the pleasure to witness her audition live for “It’s your Drama”. She was So secure in her abilitiies, and her voice is just amazing! It’s hard to believe she is only 15!! What a wonderfully strong and projecting voice she has! She has a lot of talent! Good luck in all you do Katie! You will be seen a LOT more in the future! Keep up the good work!!! Absolutely Fantastic voice, and I can’t wait to see you walk across the stage when you win several awards!!!!

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