Ashlee Simpson Is Working On Her Next Album

Prepare yourselves, Ashlee Simpson is working on another album!

“I am working on it, but I’m taking my time,” Simpson tells E! News. “My little boy is my priority, I’m having a blast, but [it will be released] sometime late next year.”

OK, so now we have a release date. Kind of.

Another interesting piece of news about the album comes from an encounter a fan had with Ashlee. According to the fan, Ashlee said the new album would be “mature” because she’s older now (she turned 26 in September), and she referenced Florence + the Machine as an influence. The fan also asked if it would be “mature” like “Fiona Apple, Jewel and Alanis Morisette”, and Ashlee said yes. She then mentioned that it would still be “upbeat and fun” because she “can’t just stand there like how a ‘folk’ singer would”.

It sounds like it could be really good, if she does it well! Good luck Jessica Simpson’s little sister!


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