Jessie J & B.o.B To Perform On ‘Saturday Night Live’

This weekend, British pop singer Jessie J will perform live on the iconic “Saturday Night Live” stage, where she will be singing her tune “Price Tag.”

But Jessie won’t be going at it alone. She’ll be joined by B.o.B, who makes a cameo on the feel-good song off her forthcoming debut album, Who You Are. “It’s the first time we’ve ever performed it together, so dot dot dot, to be continued,” she explained to MTV News about her big gig this coming Saturday. “I’m so excited. It’s so funny about being a ‘celebrity.’ It’s funny ’cause I’ve felt like I’ve gained like 15 jobs [such as model, presenter, stylist, etc.] and then I go, ‘Oh yeah, I sing,’ and then you go into rehearsals and it’s like, ‘This is why I do it.’ I’m so excited.”

Jessie added that being from across the pond and so early on in her pop career made getting invited to play the sketch-comedy show a particularly great honor. “I think it’s equally as big and probably even more special for a British artist because we’re British and I think if it’s big for an American artist, it’s even bigger [for us],” she explained. “Adele’s done it recently and I’m so proud of her and Tinie Tempah’s blowing up here and I feel like the British movement is coming and I’m flying the flag and to be asked to do ‘SNL’ is part of history. I feel like Sunday morning’s going to be so different.”

With a couple days left until the show, which will be hosted by Zach Galifianakis, Jessie was hoping that maybe she’d also get the opportunity to flex her comedic muscle in a skit. “I’d love to, but I don’t know yet,” she said, excitedly. “[I’d love to do] something that would make me look mega stupid, ’cause I like looking stupid.”


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