Music Alert: Alexa Rae

Alexa Rae is on the rise and in demand across the country. Producers, songwriters, and world renowned management, are all positive they have found their next star. The 19 year old pop/country singer, who plays piano, guitar and flute, is determined to become a music idol.

Her funny, outgoing, and passionate personality has everyone in the industry drawn in close and watching intently; big things are expected to come from this humble beauty. With a love for traveling, vanilla ice cream, the color yellow, the beach, and her ipod, Alexa’s down to earth mentality is one of the reasons her fan base is multiplying everyday.

The even more undeniable reason for such growth in followers is her voice; Alexa has a lovely tone, a powerful range, and delivers a performance that has listeners wanting more. She is the “total package” and it will not be long until Alexa Rae finds her way to your radio.

For more on Alexa Rae, check out


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