The top 10 singles and albums on iTunes

iTunes’ top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending April 4, 2011:
1. “Just Can’t Get Enough,” Black Eyed Peas
2. “E.T. (feat. Kanye West),” Katy Perry
3. “S&M,” Rihanna
4. “E.T.,” Katy Perry
5. “No Sleep,” Wiz Khalifa
6. “Look At Me Now (feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes),” Chris Brown
7. “On the Floor (feat. Pitbull),” Jennifer Lopez
8. “Rolling In the Deep,” ADELE
9. “Forget You,” Cee Lo Green
10. “Born This Way,” Lady GaGa
1. “Femme Fatale,” Britney Spears
2. “Songs for Japan,” Various Artists
3. “Rolling Papers,” Wiz Khalifa
4. “21,” Adele
5. “Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event,” Grey’s Anatomy Cast
6. “Sigh No More,” Mumford & Sons
7. “F.A.M.E.,” Chris Brown
8. “The King of Limbs,” Radiohead
9. “Sara Ramirez,” Sara Ramirez
10. “Sucker Punch,” Various Artists


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