Country Newcomer Mindy Marie Showcases True Talent In Newly Released ITunes Single

Fresh country voice Mindy Marie is a rare talent, releasing music that contributes to the integrity of the country music genre. As a young newcomer to the music scene, Mindy Marie’s talents are undeniable, and she is now turning industry heads and quickly gaining devoted fans with the release of her new single “The Last Time,” now available on iTunes!

As a passionate singer, Mindy Marie has a powerful vocal ability that showcases her unique, fresh sound. In her newly released single ”The Last Time,”Mindy connects with the listener with candid lyrics that are simultaneously heartbreaking and catchy. In this melodic, tearjerker tune, Mindy’s voice has a bluesy quality that adds a depth and sincerity to the song that is rarely found in the music of today’s country artists. With this beautifully affective single, Mindy Marie has permanently made her mark in the country music industry.

A young and talented artist with a wealth of potential and all the makings of a lasting musician, Mindy Marie is a fresh voice worth following. Don’t miss her powerfully heart-melting single ”The Last Time,”
now available on iTunes!

For more information on Mindy Marie, check out:


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