New Music Alert! Gabriela Hindy (aka Hottie)

We don’t understand why it’s taken us this long to see….AND hear Gabriela Hindy!

She just released a couple of singles on iTunes over the past few months and we love her stuff! Her music is upbeat and fun and we came to the conclusion that she’s the talented and hotter version of Ke$ha.

Check out Gabriela’s music on her website or you can see/hear more of her on her Facebook Fan Page .

Gabriela will be a fun artist to follow and see where her career goes….which we are asssuming is UP.


5 Responses to “New Music Alert! Gabriela Hindy (aka Hottie)”

  1. WhatDatBE? Says:

    She is smokin hot! I am going to check her out!

  2. VanessaBee Says:

    She is WAY better than Kesha! Thanks for introducing her to me!

  3. Livingitup Says:

    um…it would be cool to hear what she sounds with just her and a guitar so you can see whut she actually sounds like raw

  4. Beaverly Haack Says:

    Your recent photo is AWESOME!!! You are so beautiful

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