New Country Artist Gives Taylor Swift A Run For Her Money

Country newcomer Danielle Pipitone is currently moving up quickly in the world of country pop. At only 18 years old, Pipitone is a blossoming young talent with a wealth of true musical promise and is already winning over critics and fans of all ages across the U.S.

With excellent vocal tone and a sweet down-to-earth charm, Danielle Pipitone melts hearts with her single, “Never Understand,” an endearing country track. This fresh voice brings an undeniable talent and bubbly personality to the country pop music scene that sets her up to be the next big country pop star. In addition to her prodigious talent, Danielle Pipitone’s grace and humble nature make her an excellent role model for young girls, as she stays true to herself while persevering in this tough music industry.

Danielle Pipitone has all the makings of a true star, and big industry names are seeking her out to work with her and be a part of this promising young talent’s ever-growing career. Check out Pipitone’s Myspace and Facebook pages to see what she has to offer!

For more information on Danielle Pipitone, check out:

Danielle Pipiton Facebook

Also be sure to check out Danielle’s music on iTunes by clicking this link!


One Response to “New Country Artist Gives Taylor Swift A Run For Her Money”

  1. WhatWhatindabu Says:

    Actually I do like her voice more than Taylors.

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