Jason Derulo Cancels Tour, Apologizes to Fans

On Thursday Jason Derülo was forced to cancel his upcoming Future History world tour due to a fracture in his neck from rehearsal. Derülo addressed his fans via Twitter, saying, “I fractured my neck doing tumbling & acrobatics 4 tour! Always tryin 2 push boundaries 4 YOU! Like my new chain? ;)”

The singer released a statement, saying, “To all my fans who planned to come to the Future History world tour, the pain of letting you down cuts me way deeper than this injury I’ve sustained. My fans mean everything to me, so I’m praying for a speedy recovery in order to perform for you in the near future.”

And it seems that Derülo had his fans in mind when planning his upcoming stage performance. “For my show I want to bring a performance-art element. It won’t just be a ‘run of the mill’ me standing in front of a band, it will be a lot of dancing, obviously, but there will be somewhat of a story line, almost like a musical. So it’s a show that’s going to be very different than anything people have ever seen. I’ve just really, really been trying to focus on creating something that is new, something that is fresh, so that when my fans come, it will be an experience.”

Still no word on whether these tour dates will be rescheduled, but Derülo, who said he would have liked to have Miguel or Travie McCoy join him on the tour.


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