Janet Jackson Will Not Be New X Factor Judge

Among the rumors of who will be possible replacements for Nicole Scherzinger on “The X Factor,” Janet Jackson was one of the most talked about potential candidates. However, Ms. Jackson has dispelled the rumors and will decidedly not be joining the show as a judge.

After weeks of speculation, Jackson told The Insider that she will be unable to step up as a judge on the show due to scheduling conflicts. Cowell said that he had his eye on two women to replace Scherzinger and his reality TV bestie, Paula Abdul.

Jackson said that while she’s “very flattered that ‘X Factor’ let me know I was being considered for next season,” the gig is just not possible at this time. The singer said she already has previous commitments to complete her Number Ones: Up Close and Personal tour, which hits the road again this summer, and to the movie studio Lionsgate. Plus, Janet said she decided that taking on a TV gig at this point would just be “unrealistic.”

A rep for Jackson explained, “There have been absolutely no meetings between Janet and anyone with regard to ‘X Factor.’ ” A source told The Hollywood Reporter, that Jackson was indeed in “very early talks” about joining the show in mid-February.


One Response to “Janet Jackson Will Not Be New X Factor Judge”

  1. Concert? Yes! Loved the Velvet Rope Tour!!! Good move Ms. Jackson, we all pray for an end to this reality show invasion and to get back to good television.

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