Rising Country Star Tiffany Kuenzi’s Single “Tonight” Is Causing A Buzz

Every now and then, a singer comes along that is really fresh yet that feels familiar, interesting yet simply relatable, and moving without becoming sappy. A gem such as this is a rare and welcomed treat for the public, and rising country star Tiffany Kuenzi is just that singer. Tiffany has been snagging attention and causing a buzz within the industry with her soulful, authentic country tune, “Tonight,” and it is now available on iTunes!

Tiffany’s ”Tonight” is a emotionally-infused country song with an unforgettable melody, carrying lyrics that pull the listener in. The song’s playability has caused it to quickly climb charts and grab the attention of those in the industry, garnering praise such as that from The Radio Cafe radio show host Christopher Ewing: “I get thousands and thousands of song submissions for airplay, and this is one of the best songs I have gotten in weeks! [Tiffany’s] got what it takes to make it.” “Tonight” has not even yet officially been released, but is already being played on major radio stations across the U.S. and is continuing to bring in fans from all over the world, including France, Berlin and Tokyo. The song is so engaging and buzz-worthy that it has even scored Tiffany a coveted feature on The Kings of A&R website.

With an overwhelmingly positive response to ”Tonight” leading up to it’s official release, country singer Tiffany Kuenzi is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. Check out Tiffany’s website to learn more about this rising star, and be sure to snag her hit single, “Tonight,” available now on iTunes!



4 Responses to “Rising Country Star Tiffany Kuenzi’s Single “Tonight” Is Causing A Buzz”

  1. musicfanatic Says:

    WOW I don’t usually like country music but I just listened to her song – I’m impressed.

  2. Keepitwheezie Says:

    dam gurl is sexy

  3. This gal is truly her own best advertisement, she dedicates every free moment to helping children. When it comes to a having an authentic “country heart and soul” Tiffany fits the bill, she shares her heart and time with every needy child and worthwhile cause that will benefit a child in some form! From Big Sister organizations to impromptu visits and autograph signings…Tiffany is a true country girl with a heart as big as all of Nashville! Listen to her soulful, lilting lyrics – she will cast a kindness spell over you too, as well as create new soulful memories! Take a listen, go to Itunes or her website, you will be glad you did! A new favorite female country artist is on the rise, hop on the trail from Silverton, OR to Nashville with Tiffany!!

  4. Tiffany is such an amazing person, not only does her words and beautiful voice give me so much pleasure and happiness, it was her music that helped me with my mother’s death. She spends endless hours as a Big Sister, Kiwannis she is currently collecting cans and donating proceeds from the sales of her merchandise at her performance this weekend in order to help a family with a very sick child so they can manage their medical bills. What an amazing, selfless and giving heart! After suffering some verbal abuse while growing up, she has worked endlessly to help children and to help stop bullying in this world with children. Thank you Tiffany, you are an Angel

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