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Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video All About ‘Cars, Girls’

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If Justin Bieber were your boyfriend, you’d probably spend a lot of time in parkades. The pop star’s “Boyfriend” video debuted Thursday night — amassing more than 2 million views on YouTube by this morning. Shot in L.A., it’s a straightforward concept: Bieber and some Step Up 2 extras somehow drive to the top of some building, then spend the afternoon dancing and pulling donuts in their “swaggy” muscle cars. And, just like the song, the video finds Bieber making an incredibly easy pitch to the ladies: be his girlfriend. Please.

A dream date with JB, however, isn’t exactly what he promises in the lyrics. There’s no fireside fondue, no trips around the world. Instead, Bieber’s special lady has to be content watching him dance, watching him lead a sing-a-long, watching him show off his hella cool wheels. And she has to share him with an extensive cast of extras — but then, that’s a feeling millions of Beliebers have long since grown used to.

And for a tune that’s supposed to usher in the just-turned-18-year-old’s “mature” new era, the vibe isn’t that much different from his break-out clip, “Baby.” Bieber is still singing and dancing — dreamily — with a crew of kids. He has his driver’s license this time, though. That’s something.

For more than a month, Bieber had been teasing the video’s premiere with preview clips — including 45 seconds of footage aired during an April episode of The Voice. Those clips, as we mentioned yesterday, were directed by Colin Tilley (the “Boyfriend” video was helmed by Director X), and featured Bieber in a variety of impressionistic scenes — strikingly different from sunny vibe of the final cut. Some of those scenes are used in the opening of “Boyfriend,” and as Bieber explained during an interview with MTV last night, the change-up was just him playing with his fans.

“I kind of switched it up from all the teasers,” Bieber said. “I switched up the whole video on them, and really, I think it’s super cool. I wanted to do something a little bit more mature.”

Just because “Boyfriend” is here doesn’t mean Bieber’s going to stop being a little tease. During his interview with MTV, he revealed he already has new tidbits to shill, all leading up to the June 19 release of upcoming album, Believe.

“My next single is better,” he told MTV after “Boyfriend’s” premiere. “I think it’s ‘As Long As You Love Me.’ It’s like mid-tempo. I just think it’s edgy. It’s something I can hear on the radio. It’s going to get stuck in people’s heads,” he said, also revealing tentative plans to release another track, written for his mom. “I think I’m going to put it out on Mother’s Day,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s going on the album.”


Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” Music Video!

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I am sure you have all been dying to see Justin Bieber’s music video for “Mistletoe”…well here it is! Enjoy!

YouTube Cover of The Week: Olivia Little

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Check out 13 year old country pop beauty Olivia Little perform a cover of Beyonce’s latest hit “Best I Never Had.”

Although Olivia’s performance isn’t flawless she is young and she has so much potential which is why we chose her video as “Cover of The Week!”

For more information about Olivia check out her Facebook Fan Page.

Also, be sure to check out Olivia Little’s Myspace page to listen to her debut single “What Might Have Been.”

Best Cover Video of The Week: Rose-Marie

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One of the best new artist’s in the music world, is Christina Perri, and she had a huge hit (which is amazing) “Jar of Hearts.”

We received an e-mail last week about Rose-Marie, and we checked out her YouTube channel. We fell in love with her cover of “Jar of Hearts.” She is one of’s top POP artists.

Rose-Marie has such an innocence in her voice, and her tone is addictive.

Check out Rose-Marie’s cover of “Jar of Hearts” below:

For more information on Rose-Marie, you can go to her Facebook Page.

New Victoria Justice Music Video!

Posted in Celebrity, Music, Music news, Photo, YouTube on March 11, 2011 by thebestmusicnow

Revenge is a dish best served cold — just ask Victoria Justice!

In her latest music video, “Begging on Your Knees,” V-Just sings about being wronged by her guy, and gets him back the best way she knows how — singing, dancing, and looking hot! The Nickelodeon star is also joined by her Victorious castmates, including Avan Jogia, Matt Bennett and Daniella Monet (and more) for the fun, Carnival-themed video.

If you want to see the 18-year-old belt out this song IRL, you’re in luck!

Victoria will be headlining the Kids’ Choice Awards pre-show on April 2, where she will be performing this new song! Be sure to check out out!

In the mean time, take a look at the “Begging on Your Knees” video below:

Natalia Kills “Activate My Heart” Music Video

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Natalia Kills continues to make her mark on the POP scene. The music video for “Activate My Heart” was just released.

Watch it below!! This chick has her own unique style, that’s for sure.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga Are nearing 1 billion YouTube views

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Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are both approaching a major milestone of the new music industry: one billion all-time YouTube views.

Lady Gaga should pass one billion views around October 20 if she continues on her current pace, according to David Birch, communications director at TubeMogul. During September, she averaged almost 1.8 million views per day.

Birch says Bieber will surpass the 1 billion views milestone around November 1 if he keeps up his current pace. During September, Bieber’s videos were viewed about 3.7 million times per day.

After Lady Gaga and Bieber, the next closest artist is Michael Jackson at around 600 million views, says Birch.

Even though Lady Gaga will be the first to the one billion mark, TubeMogul data shows that lately Bieber has been the hotter of the two and has been YouTube’s most-viewed music artist. From July 1 to September 28, according to TubeMogul data supplied to Billboard, Bieber averaged 3.98 million daily views to Lady Gaga’s 2.04 million views per day.

Bieber has been hot since winter. Since February 28, Bieber has averaged 3.83 million daily views while Lady Gaga has averaged 2.53 million. To put their numbers in perspective, Kanye West has averaged 271,000 daily views in that time period.

But what really stands out is the consistent performance of Bieber’s videos. In April, TubeMogul began “Most Viral Videos of the Month” to highlight the most-viewed videos — including unofficial versions — in a given month. Nearly 9 in 10 of all videos to make the list have been music videos, and Justin Bieber has been the one constant month after month. He had four of the top 10 videos of the month from April through August.

Both artists have many of YouTube’s all-time most-viewed videos. Bieber’s “Baby” is YouTube’s most-watched video of all time with 345 million views. His “Never Let You Go” is No. 22 with 92 million views while “Never Say Never” is No. 28 with 86 million views.

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is No. 2 all-time at YouTube with 288 million views. “Just Dance” is at 11 with 123 million views, “Alejandro” is 26 with 87 million views and “Telephone” is 31 with 85 million views.

YouTube views include videos in the Vevo network but not Vevo videos viewed at Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff has stated that YouTube accounts for about 90 percent of Vevo’s views. Videos by both Bieber and Lady Gaga are shown on Vevo.