Boy Band The Wanted to Release US Debut Album

British boy band The Wanted have confirmed that they will release their debut U.S. album on April 24.

The band released their album Battleground, featuring their current single “Glad You Came,” back in their native U.K. in 2011.

“Great news, America: We are thrilled to announce we will be releasing our first US album on April 24!! Stay tuned for details.” They also shared that they are back in the studio for the release, writing, “Just recorded our next single … #expecttheunexpected.”

“Glad You Came” was recently covered on “Glee.”


8 Responses to “Boy Band The Wanted to Release US Debut Album”

  1. Giovana De Loia Says:


  2. I love wanted boys!!! I ❤ all…

  3. The Wanted …… I love u 🙂

  4. theres so beatiful

  5. katie mills Says:

    i lov u nathan sykes

  6. markeesha Says:

    the wanted is the best thing since well…..EVER!!!!!!:)

  7. i love the wanted and all there songs there GREAT SINGERS

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